Other Tools

Instructional Design Assistant 

This Assistant analyzes inputs for adherence to instructional design principles and models. Sources available at libguides.csi.edu/education/idt-assistant. It cites in APA format. Licensed under the CC BY NC 4.0 License. 

Library Science Tutor 

I provide library science insights and cite all sources in APA format. Licensed under the CC BY NC SA 4.0 International License. View my sources at libguides.csi.edu/libsci/listutor. 


Talk with a chatbot trained entirely on Gilbert and Sullivan lyrics. After all, the meaning doesn't matter if it's only idle chatter of a transcendental kind. 

Mome Rath 

This GPT creates non-words for your use. 

Speech Reading Creator 

I create sentences for therapy readings and other educational and therapy purposes! Be sure to explicitly state the age range of the audience, a word range, and the sentence structure. 

Speech Development Vocabulary Assistant 

This tool aids speech therapists and educators in helping children broaden their vocabulary.