Your Library Robot

Library Robot is a set of "Custom GPT" modules created for specific library-related purposes.

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This AI tool helps you find a good book to read, as well as its corresponding record on


The Book Finder Assistant is designed to help users locate specific book records on The Assistant guides users by recommending authors or groups based on the input genre or style, gradually leading to a specific book or series recommendation.

The Book Summarizer, provided by Library 2.0 and Hepler Consulting, summarizes any book desired by any user in the context of information they provide. You can also ask for summaries of books you may like but have not read yet to obtain some new books for your reading list!


The Book Summarizer is meant to summarize works based on the title, author, or URL. The Summarizer examines the book's themes and ideas and communicates them to the reader.

The Library Programming Assistant, provided by Library 2.0 and Hepler Consulting, assists librarians by helping them plan programs for patrons.


The Library Programming Assistant is trained to assess the needs, wants, and capabilities and knowledge base of a library's patron population. It is then trained to develop programming to fit these datapoints.

This Assistant assists library catalogers in selecting authority records. It advises librarians in creating queries and selecting the most relevant Name and Subject Heading Authority Records.


This Assistant CANNOT navigate the Library of Congress Authority Records Database. It can, however, help YOU navigate the Authorities step-by-step.

This assistant will take the persona of any book you want. It will respond to you as though it IS the book.


Talk-to-A-Book is meant to take on the persona of any book in the public domain and any book or document you are able to upload. It is explicitly trained not to break copyright regulations.

Create the most effective database or search engine queries using keywords, truncation, and Boolean operators!


Search Query Optimizer (SQO) is designed to help you optimize any search you want. It invigorates your searching and querying experience by providing you with the optimum Boolean-and-keyword query content.

REMEMBER: Boolean terms ARE represented by DIFFERENT ITERATIONS depending on the engine or database setup. The Boolean term "NOT" in EBSCO is represented by a "-" in Google. Be sure that you know which form of Boolean vocabulary your target site uses.

This tool creates reading passages for instructors assisting speakers of English as a second language.


The ESL Reading Passage Creator is designed to develop appropriate, non-condescending, high-interest low-ability reading passages. While this is primarily meant to provide passages for ESL readers, it can be used for other reading students who are in reading programs in the library.